am i ill
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lois - April 19

i am always eating and im always hungry am i ill.


babygurl - August 1

it called binge-eating. a kind of disorder in which frequently eat large amounts of food and never feel full. consult a physician.


jhinx - August 20

it's a disorder called binge-eating. one good reason why you need to see a doctor because this kind of disorder is uncontrollable. hope you'll get better soon.


sherie - August 24

you don't have to worry that much because it's treatable and most people suffering from this kind of disorder will eventually get better with proper help, support and treatment. get help the soonest possible.


beverly - August 26

been there, done that and i say it's all in your mind. i got out from it on my own without any help from other people. yes it's hard at first, but once you are able to control yourself as well as your mind, it would be a lot easier then. good luck! hope you'll get better soon.



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