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april - April 9

what are the proceders of an aborsion?


Meredith - May 17

The procedure depends on how far along you are. I would suggest calling an abortion clinic. They can give you information by phone, in-person and generally have written info as well.


chiko - July 8

my gil had pregnantw.what mdicine can stop the baby???


hollie - August 20

i need to know if theirs any aborsion place around me


zoe - October 18

you have your baby taken out of you and thrown in the bin


aborsion - October 18

what would the doctors do and how would it happen?


aborsion - October 18

how would they take it out of me?


eka - October 19

what is abortion meaning?


sandy - November 7

I was in the hospital on 10/28/05 and i had sex on the 22 of oct they did a pargency test on me and they said it was negative . Can the test be wrong



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