Variocele Surgery
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sam - November 3

Hi there! Just wondering if anyone's husband has had variocele surgery? Mine did 3 months ago - and still waiting for a positive pregnancy. Curious for any feedback. Thanks!


Kellie - December 20

Hi, my husband has a varicocele, and is going in for an appointment next week I believe. I am sure he will have to have the surgery, we have been trying to conceive for over a year, and nothing. But I did read that it takes 3 months to a year for the sperm to get healthier and better, so you are right at that mark. sperm takes 3 months to develop. Do you know what your DH's sperm count was before the surgery? Mine's is 30 mil with 40% motility. LOW! Anyways, hope you get your BFP next month!



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