Varicocele Surgery--Success Stories?
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Stacitx - July 6

Has anyone's husband had this surgery? If so, did it improve his counts, motility, morphology, etc. And if it did, then by how much? Were you able to conceive naturally? If you were, how long after the surgery did your BFP happen? Thank you so much for your input!


cdmrose - August 25

Stacitx I know this reply is late, but just wanted to keep your question at the top because I'm wondering this too. My dh has a suspected varicocele, and I'm due up for an HSG in the next week. I don't want my dh to go through any procedures unless I know it will help AND that I don't have fertility issues too... It seems like the doctor's websites all tout successful treatments for a varicocele, but I haven't seen any encouraging evidence from the people who have actually had the treatment. Best of luck and lots of baby dust to you!


Sandra82 - August 10

my husband is haveing the surgery in 4 days. I have been tested and have no problems, i will keep you updated. The info I ready said it will take up to 90 days for his count to be hight enough for preganacy. I went to the urology channel for myt info.


trevenig - October 20

My husband has this procedure done in march, his levels were tested 6 months later and they actually decreased by half! Prior to this procedure his levels were in only the 3 millions, 6 months later his levels were down to only 1million!


brittlee - November 29




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