sperm test?
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Nicole - September 22

My husband just had sperm test done. 30 mill 34% motility is this good of bad? all they said is that we were in the medium range. Whatever that means. Please write back! thanx:)


citrus - September 24

30mil is okay. sperm count is considered normal if >20mil. 34% motility is not so ideal (normal is >50%) Let your hubby take zinc and vitamin c supplemets. It has helped many couples with sperm issues.


Nicole - September 24

Thanx for the advice we'll give it a try!


maya - October 7

Rolly and I visited our doctor for some check-up, actually i had the feelin that im the problem, but what came out shocked my husband. After all the test ive encounted... result is that IM OK. and that Rolly had low sperm count 12 million and 30% motility. Our doctor said he must take "PROVIRON" medicine. you can buy it at mercyru drugstore at around 36 pesos. anyway He's taking it now with a little prayer that after a couple of month we took can have our own baby. weve been married for almost 2 years. Im 27 yrs. old and he is 30. He smokes (kainis ayw tumigil) anyway. Keep on praying as in kneeling to death. Some tips daw my staff told me. Dont urinate after sex.



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