Semen Analysis -- please help
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Jas112 - March 23

Hello everyone... last month my DH and i find out that he has problems with his semen... the anaylisis is as follows i was wondering if anyone could kindly shed some light on what our chances of pregnancy are.... i just had one failed IUI...

Volume 3.0 mil
Sperm Count 200 x10(6)
Morphology 30% good 15% Moderate 15% poor 40% non-motile.------------------------- 4 days later he took the semem for the wash before IUI and the report was as follows ... ph 8.5
Volume 3ml Sperm count 45x10(6) Morphology <10% Abnormal 35% good 40% moderate 15% Poor 10% non-Motile... ......... can anyone say what hte problem is??? or is there anything he can take to help it?


Lissa_ - September 2

Hi, seeings as no-one's answered this yet I'll answer what I know the results should at least be for natural conception......
Volume should be more than 2.0, Count should be more than 20, Motility should be more than 50, progressive motility should be more than 25. I can't really understand what you've written but these were the numbers my dh needed to have to be 'normal' and he failed all but count. We've been told that if there's no improvement then natural conception and IUI are both out for us. My dh has been put on 500mg vit c, 200iu vit e, 100mcg selenium and zinc daily for two months then they're re-testing. Not sure I've helped any but at least I'll have bumped your question up the list!! lol


angelcent03 - October 22

Lissa was ur hb horomone levels ok. My husband failed the semen analysis test but his horomone levels r fine so will they still perscribe him something urologist examined him says everything checks out ok but not sure why sperm count low retook test little bit better results but still not good enough?



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