low spurm count
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Jenna - December 10

If your boyfriend has a low spurm count and your not ovulating is it possable to become pregnant?


Katt - March 22

yes, but slim pickins. Put him on antioxidants ie Vitamins C, E, A (as betacarotene), Selenium and Zinc. I am putting my hubby on 1500mg C; 400iu E; 10,000iu A; 100mg Sel; 300mg Zinc. But my hubby likes the beer and that dipleats C and Zinc so I may still need to increase those. As far as ovulation goes, try some progesterone cream...find an Alternative doctor to help with this...I recommend this because fertility treatments are expensive so why not try the natural route first ;)


mark nickerson - July 3



slowpoke01 - July 22

if you are not ovulating then no you cannot get pregnant no matter what the sperm count is



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