Low sperm count
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pregnant and alone - July 27

My boyfriend who just left me pregnant is claiming the baby is not his cause his doctor told him he is next to infertile based on a no. of 14.4 million/ml. I know the baby is his cause I've been with noone else but he demands a paternity test. He was supportive up until then and has completely abandoned me since. I told him several factors could be in play at this time, weather (hot and humid), restrictive clothing (hugging undershorts underneath pants or shorts), and masturbation before going in for the count. It's now July...I got pregnant in April when the weather was much cooler. But he's still adamant about not being the father. I have not been with anyone else. I recently did research and found that a man can potentially concieve with a count as low as 3-5 million. So even at 50% motility he would still be able to concieve. he was told normal count was 80 billion/ml. (online research said more like 50 mill/ml...Under 20 is starting to get low.) I'm know his doctor is not a fertility expert but he doesn't want to go for a second opinion. I think there's more than that for his reason for leaving me...but I'm looking for a second opinion that I can provide to prove my case. Can you offer one?
P.S. I am still going to give him a paternity test.


mm - July 27

Take the paternity test and prove it to him!



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