Low sex drive
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jorg - October 11

Back in March I was able to TTC with my wife for 3 times in 6 days just before ovulation..During her O period while TTC my member would get soft inside..I though I miss the fertile window completely but strange she got pregnant from it..Anyway too bad that end in m.c at 14 wks..We waited for 2 cycles and start try again..but only able to do it once every 5 days or so..Even that have trouble substain erection..I feel no sex drive..not able to substain erection like b4..and when I came don't feel pleasure..I am age 39 now..I am afraid not able to TTC for our first child becuz this problem..Anyone been in this situation? and any suggestion? I start taking an herbal pill to increase sex but not sure it will work..Also taking Vitamin C 1000mg daily..I will see an Eurologist soon..Thanks!


Isis - February 9

My husband had the same problem. We went to mexico for vacation and saw an herbalist She gave us this tea called Damiana . You can find it here to. Drink a cup in the morning and at night. And by one week you wont be able to keep your hands off her. The good thing about it is it also helps with low sperm counts too. And for her to it helps her get pregnant. By making her ovulate.



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