losing faith in ICSI?
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Hopeless - March 25

Has anyone else tried ICSI/IVF cycle? We have done 2 and have had no success. WOUld love to hear some encouraging news


Justine1 - May 16

So sorry to hear you've had 2 unsuccessful attempts. It does work though - we used ICSI and got pregnant first attempt and now have a lovely baby girl www.totsites.com/tot/Sophie


joannie - August 22

me and my dh would like to try ICSI/IVF. How much does it cost I have read so much about it yet there is no info on the price.


Lissa_ - September 2

Joannie - Not sure where you're from. I'm from UK. Just incase you are from UK: ICSI privately generally costs £4500-£5500.


sososleepy - February 3

It costs about 17,000 US dollars, which puts it well out of reach of many of us here, since lots of us have insurance that will not cover it. It's looking like icsi is the only way we will get pg, so you could say we have 'insurance infertility'. Yes, financing is available if you want to trade paying for your kids conception now for paying for their education later....



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