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hopeful2411 - October 4

I am 27 almost 28 and have been trying to conceive for 1 1/2 years. My OBGYN had me do blood work an HSG and DH a SA. Turns out everything with me went fine but DH SA was very bad. To give an idea he had 600,000 sperm count 33% motility and 1% morphology. We did already vist an RE and i have to do more testing and he has to do another SA the first week in Nov. With the numbers being that low do I even have a chance naturally or do i just go for IVF??? Has anyone elses DH been this low and had success??? Sorry this was so long.


Lissa_ - September 2

HI, we've been ttc for four years. My dh s/a came back bad because his volume, motility and progressive motility are all really low. If there's no improvement then even IUI would be a waste of time. My RE has put my dh on a daily regimine of 500mg vitamin c, 200iu vitamin e, 100mcg selenium and Zinc. These in theory should help. They are re-testing mid ish october and hopefully this'll have helped. I don't know much about morphology problems I'm afraid. I assume however that your dh doesn't smoke (anything), drink, drink caffeine or pig out on junk food all day - and that would be the only things that if stopped could make a big difference.


sploge04 - November 27

Hi, my husband has sperm problems too, with low quality, quantity, mobility etc & weve waiting to start ivf as were not suitable for iui. Your husband can try some tablets called - Wellman -, read more info about them on there website. We buy them from the chemist but you can get them from other places too, even off the net. They basically contain all the vitamins etc that a man needs to keep him healthy & they can help with the reproductive side. My husband started taking them before his last sperm test & the results said there were an improvement in his sperm, everything had improved. It wasnt by a vast amount but it was better, we dont know if it were the Wellman tablets or not but it was a bit better. It might be worth your husband trying them, theres nothing to loose. Weve been trying for nearly 6 years, iv also got endometriosis aswell which effects my fertility. Hope this has been any help to you.



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