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*jen* - March 17

My husband has been having a bit of a..."problem" lately (can't get it up). He's too embarassed to see someone about and says it just from stress. I'm worried that it may be something more and would like him to talk with his doctor "just to be on the safe side" but he won't listen. Help!


hm - March 23

i say trick him. ask him to take you to the doctor's and then when you get there he can find out the appointment is really for him. maybe if you're there to hold his hand throughout the appointment he can feel a bit better


jennie - March 24

Just tell him how you feel and if he doesn't listen then beg.

Good Luck


larna - April 10

my fiance and i have been trying for 2 years and have found out that he has low sperm count about 30% to 40% i was just wandering if this is enough for a pregnancy to occur i have just had a hsg test and that turned up no blockages i already have a 3 year old daughter whom i fell pregnant with rather easily but i would love to give my fiance his own child. does any one else have a few words of wisdom to share with me


Justine - April 29



Justine - April 29

Larna - Are you sure that's the count - the count is normally a number - over 20 million per ml is normal. 30% to 40% could be motility - 50% and above is normal. Morphology is also measured - some tests above 15% is normal, some above 30% is normal. Ask your doctor for the exact results and what is normal. My husband had low motility and low morphology and low count and we'd been trying for 2 years. I had to do IVF with ICSI - the doctor said there was no hope otherwise. I got pregnant first-time on it though it was horrible. I'd see a specialist if I was you though they are likely to put you on IVF so it depends how much you want to go through to have his baby. Good luck.



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