husbnad not wanting to do sperm test??
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mgn - September 27

my dh and i have been ttc for almost a yr. doc ordered a fertility screening. part of the screening requires a semen anaylisis. husband is mad and doesnt want to do it? i know, so immature, right? i think he is worried about the results b/c all my tests have come back normal. what should i do???? i bought a home male fertility test thinking maybe if i can get him to do that and it comes out ok then he might reconsider. he says that we have only been trying for a year and its 2 early to start doing all this? i say why not check it all out just to make sure so we dont continue this horrible waiting for another couple yrs when a problem could be detected and dealt with now.....HELP!


marymo - September 29

mgn, I can see him not wanting to go, its embarrassing for them. My dh, bless his heart, didnt want to do it either, but ended up doing three of them. He has white blood cells in his semen, was put on antibiotics,twice, and still Im not pregnant. I checked out okay, uterus fine, blood work fine, had an hsg, tubes fine. we already have two children, conceived them, no problems, its the third one, I cant get pregnant. TTC for 2 years. Doc thinks WBCs back in semen, wants to do a IUI, but decided not to b/c insurance doesnt cover anything. Ive cried so much, I cant cry anymore. Maybe its not meant to be. I know its frustrating, but maybe if he gets looked at, and if it is him, it can be corrected fairly easily. Good luck and hopefully everything works out for you!!!!



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