Any success getting pregnant after increasing motility?
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Alexa - October 30

My dh started with motility of 28% and increased it to 45% after taking the recommended vitamins (L-carnitine etc.). Still no success though. Does anybody have a sucess story getting pregnant after improving sperm quality?


kotkot - November 22

hey alexa.. my DH has Great sperm count ( 115 million/mill and 517.5 million/volume) for motility he has got 65% at 30minutes , 50% at 90 minutes , 30% at 3 hours , 15% at 6 hours. for the morphology..he has got 65% normal forms.. although the tests seem to be fine. but my doctor pin point the miscarriage reason to be the low motility at 6hours (15%) Dh also was recommended to start antibiotics and vitamin C and E and to re test again within two months .. so please the 28% motility u refeared to was associated with what time . i mean 30 min or 90 or 3 hours or 6 hours???
for ur question.. i am still waitting..Three rounds after the miscarriage and nothing yet. wish u luck


Alexa - November 26

Hello kotkot, Thank you so much ever for responding. I am very sorry about the miscarriage. We are trying since > 2 years. It has been quite frustrating. I did some tests and everything seems to be ok on my side. I learned something new from you, namely the motility associated with the time. I only new about the value - 28% and the improvement to 45%. I read about that "normal" is 50%. Do you happen to know what the default time is? I will definitely ask my dh to ask his doctor on the timing values. The doctor told him that sperm count and conectration is "normal" and morpholgy is 13%. (I read that >15% is normal.) Does it mean that you should be specifically precise on knowing your point of ovulation? I am waiting right now as well. Good luck to you.



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