about smoking marijuana
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B*A*B*Y - May 15

is it harder to get pregnant when your MALE spouse smokes marijuana


slowpoke01 - May 25

i dont think that it is harder to get pregnant when you spouse smokes because my stepsister and her husband both smoke and marijuana and she has had 4 kids she timed it so they were each 4 years apart they only thing is her fist child died because he was 3 months early because she had placenta previa


judy - June 14

I don't think marijuana directly lowers sperm count. Obviously if it did, there'd be no more rastifarians.;) But I do think that if you are on the fence of being fertile/infertile, it can push you over the edge. There are receptor sites on the sperm that the cannabinoids in marijuana directly bind to based on the research I have been doing on the same topid. My husband was a habitual smoker for 3 years and has Severe Male Factor Infertility. He recently quit and we are waiting the suggested 72 days before doing a repeat Semen Analysis.



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