98% infertility
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SW - September 17

Ive been tested, and the dr provided me with the test resaults. he did not tell my why of what was the cause for my 98% infertility. he said that the other 2% is slow swimmers. he did not tell me if there is any treatment for me. or fefered me to any other dr to help us in this problem. my wife and i are getting inpationed to fall pregnat as we are struggling for 2 years now! please help me with any information if posible.


Emma - September 20

Read what J wrote to me in the post below yours called "Worried about not having children." I don't know what the cause of your infertility is, but you could try the IVF with ICSI thing that J suggested to me. Hope this helps and good luck.


pr - October 16

ICSI. One sperm only..



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