22 year old vasectomy
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Arison6090 - April 28

I have been married to my husband for 5 years now and we want children, but he is older and had a vasectomy due to his previous marriage. Is is possible to still beable to do a surgical sperm retreival?


sarikasmiles - July 10

I am in the same situation. My hubby has had a vasectomy 20 + years now and want to know if IUI treatments would work


xoxo - June 9

i really don't know if that is possible. but even if it is..... there is a small chance of success because of his age. anyway, there's no harm in trying.


Beatrice - September 9

yes you can have your husband vasectomy reverse.however, there is no assurance of you getting pregnant sooner than you think.how old is he anyway and for how long he has been on vasectomy?


aimee - September 10

if he's already old, i think it would be useless to have his vasectomy reverse. seek doctor's advice



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