Question about IUI's
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MelnBob - January 14

My husband and I have been trying to pregnant for one year. We have gone through all the infertility testing everything came back fine. I have been in for the past two months for blood work to see if I was ovulating. Results have come back good. Now on Monday I will be going for my first IUI. I have read other forums and I have not read about anyone doing any IUI with out a fertility drugs...does anyone have any opinions?


CJB - October 6

Hi MelnBob! I just completed my first IUI Sep. 24th & 25th without any drugs. I have a history of ovarian cysts and so I didn't wish to put my body through anymore hormone changes which could cause them to return. I'm trusting my bosy to do what it should for now. If everything checks out ok with you, I think drug free is the way to go. Why jump to treatments that may not be necessary? That's just my opinion....Good luck to you!



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