progesterone levels
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angelbear05 - January 12

Hi, I'm 24 years old and I've had 3 pregnancies in the past year all resulting in miscarriages. The longestest I've carried is 9 weeks. I recently started seeing a repoductive endocrinologist and found out that my progesterone levels are extermely low. in my last pregnancy the levels were only 3. the last time I had my progesterone checked the level was 0.1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of supplement might be helpful so I can ask my dr. about them. my next appt isn't until the end of Janaruary. and my DH and I are hoping to start TTC again I just don't know if I can handle another loss


KimberlyAnn - February 8

I know clomid can help with progesterone levels. On a non-medicated cycle, your P4 level should be at least 10 and on a medicated cycle, it should be at least 15. I had my progesterone checked after ovulation on clomid and my level was 35! I'm sorry to hear about your losses but good for you for being pro-active! :)


slowpoke01 - May 25

i had my progesterone levels checked because i am trying to get pregnant and they were 12 so they are putting me on clomid because they said they like to see it higher than that and that anything under 10 is really bad


Lucky717 - August 29

Hi Angelbear - My progesterone level was also a 3 as well. Yes there are progesterone supplements you can take but under your Dr's supervision. Clomid should help but once you are pregnant they can prescribe progesterone suppositories. Good luck!



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