No period since hsg test was performed help!
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Soon2bepositive - July 3

Hi im new to this forum and this, is my first time ever posting on any sit. Well I had an hsg test done on may 24, everything was fine. Now here I am with a period pass due of 20 days, tomorrow will be 3 weeks. I've taken several test, all negative. So whats going on with me? my cycles have always been on point prior to the hsg test, could that have ruined my cycle? I knew right away that I was going to miss my period because my normal pms never appeared, just slightly fuller breast. Has this ever happened to anybody ? What was your outcome? Cycle day 52


olaola - August 15

i am experiencing the same...i had my last period on 30 of june and a hsg test afetr 8 dayd and it was missing my periods even if they were irregullar..negative test on 10 august.,,,,what happened with you???got you period or r u preg???



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