HSG clinic refferal in Los angeles / Orange county
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Marta - LA - June 24

Hi all! Does anyone have a refferal for a good clinic in Los Angeles to do my HSG?

I am SOOO afraid and it would help me a LOT if I knew someone that had taken the exam and had a good experience.
Tks! Marta


atitudeboy - March 11

i guess its time to start reaching out hubby's coming home from deployment soon and I'm going back on clomid with my metphormin, and will be taking mucinex along with preseed, I feel like we're doing everything in the book lol so another question can u use casto oil with fertility massages with clomid . . .



pronatali2003 - January 10

Well that you are considering this problem on the forum. Many people are barren and do not know the cause of the problem. Many gynecologists argue that a single negative test result does not confirm cervical infertility.

The final conclusion can be made only after three tests. They need to be carried out in different cycles with an interval of 2-3 months. Of course, this is very long. If to compare, then many couples wait for pregnancy years. From the experience of my friend I can say. She did them several times. So far this is still the answer. She will hope that everything will be fine. I always support it.
t can be negative when the test is not performed during the period of ovulation. On other days of the cycle, cervical mucus always has a bad effect on spermatozoa. From the moment of the sexual certificate or act has passed or has taken place less than 4 hours or more days. Spermatozoa could not yet penetrate the cervical canal. The most mobile of them could already leave. In cervical mucus there are antibodies that kill sperm. Examine the presence of inflammatory processes in the sexual organs of a woman. To examine the hormonal failure in the body of a woman - a decrease in the level of estrogen in cervical mucus on the days of ovulation
Check for infections. The use of barrier contraceptives plays a role: foaming solutions, oxidants of the vaginal environment.
If all these factors are absent, then the treatment is performed. My friend was advised to undergo treatment in the Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom - Center for Reproductive Medicine. I read about this clinic, and I liked it. There are doctors, translators and psychologists. Therefore, in communication there are no problems. I liked that the arrival and accommodation are included in the payment. In any case, do not get upset. Only positive thoughts will give a positive result. Modern medicine now knows a lot.



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