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Susan - March 3

My partner and I are going for fertiltiy tests next week and we're nervous about it. Can anyone out there share their experiences with us so we don't feel so anxious? Thanks!


Jen - March 4

The tests for the guys is not bad. Essentially, they just need to give a semen sample on 2 occassions. For the women, it kind of depends. They will probably start out with a pap, lots of blood tests, and gather historical information on you and your family. After that, there are several other tests they could do, including a hysterpingogram (tubal dye study) which feels like menstrual cramps during the procedure, it is uncomfortable, but not awful. They inject dye into your uterus and fallopian tubes to watch to see if there is any blockage. Another test are ultrasounds, where they do internal ultrasounds every other day for a week to see when you are ovulating. These are essentially the first steps in testing. I have been being treated for 4 months now. The testing occurs simultaneously with the treatment. After 6 months with my ob/gyn, if I don't become pregnant, I will begin another round of testing with a reproductive endocronologist. I don't know what that will involve, I am just hoping I will become pregnant soon and won't have to continue with the testing or treatment. Overall, the testing and treatment is somewhat uncomfortable, time consuming, and frustrating, but is absolutely worth it if you end up with a precious baby. Hang in there. It isn't that awful. Good luck!


Krystal - April 18

My husband and I have had little trouble getting pregnant. I am now on our 3rd pregnancy. The first two resulted in miscarriages. We will be going for fertility testing if we lose this one. Keep positive. And jusst a reminder there are so many ways to have a family. My husband and I are talking about adoption either way. Some times when life hands you a lemon and you don't have the sugar for the lemonade you go to the store and get splenda. aka You maybe surprised how much you love a child that's DNA matches someone else. No worries, even when you adopt a child the bonding process is the same. Love comes in many different forms. Good Luck.



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