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peachesnpeace - August 25

Hi. I was wondering if there is a kind of place I can go to with my fiance to check if we are capable of having babies. We don't want to have them yet but we want to know if we could and it is really important to us. PLease give me an idea of what kind of place I can go to.


Lucky717 - August 27

Hi Peaches - Visit your OB / GYN and they can order a sperm count on your finace and also check you out as well. They will do a thorough exam on you and see if there are any issues. Do you have normal cycles? Any issues there? What makes you think you can't have babies? Good luck!


sososleepy - February 2

Peach, Most people can. As Lucky said, get a semen analysis, check your hormones, and unless you're around 35 to 40 don't freak out yet!



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