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Nadia24 - February 12

Hi everyone. DH has been on Zoloft for about 1.5 to 2 years. We have been TTC#1 since August 2005. He has a SA scheduled for Feb. 25th. I had a post coital done last month and the only sperm they found in my CM was 6 but they were dead. I have heard that Zoloft, which is an antidepressant, could cause high levels of prolactin which could possibly play a major role in sperm (production?). The doctor didn't mention any of this to me...I found the info on the internet. Since I have found it (2 weeks ago), my DH stopped taking it right away. Does anyone know anything about this?? thanks in advance!!


Nadia24 - February 13



Nadia24 - February 14



Mega - February 15

Hi Nadia24. I'm sorry I don't know much about this, even did a google search & still didn't find much out. But as hard as the wait is, try not to worry too much til you find out the results of your DH's SA after the 25th. I know, easier said than done. If however there is an issue with his sperm, then the Zoloft may be a factor & you'd probably want to consider having your DH's prolactin levels measured via b/w. If that is found to be an issue, I think having your DH use Clomid might be a treatment option. So, then, your dr is aware of your DH's use of Zoloft? I'm wondering however, is it okay for your DH to stop using the Zoloft? Is it something he can quit cold turkey? Has he been feeling alrightsince stopping it? Another thing to take into account though, is if he's been taking Zoloft for that long, then it'll be reflected in his SA as sperm production is effected for 3 mos., so stopping it just a month beforehand probably won't make a big difference. Please keep us posted on the results of the SA. Good luck Nadia24. I hope I helped a little bit at least.


Nadia24 - February 16

Thanks Mega.
I found some info on the web also. And it in fact does cause high levels of prolactin in a man which does affect sperm. DH did quit them cold turkey and has been feeling okay since. I guess we will have to wait and see. The RE doesn't know that he stopped...maybe I'll call them tomorrow and let them know. Thanks for your help!


Mega - February 16

Yeah, I'd say definitely talk to your RE about the zoloft & let him know your DH has since stopped it. Maybe he'll want you to postpone the SA a couple months. I'm glad your DH is feeling okay Zoloft-free, that's the important thing. Good luck!


afrouz - February 18

I took zoloft for 4 months. When I mentioned to my dr. that my husband and I wanted to try having a bay, he took me off of it immediately. He said it is not healthy to be on it and try. for both partners. I hope this helps. there are a lot of infomation on zoloft , just google .



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