ZINC to male's count??????
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Katt - March 18

The title says it all. I have read on this site and others that zinc can aid in sperm count increases. Does anyone know how much to take?


Chas - March 19

My dh took 50mg daily for about a month, we then conceived. I don't know if it was the zinc... but i think it helped. He had a low count.. he also took a multivitamin daily, and b-12


Katt - March 19

thank you much


Lilu - March 20

I read that as well. Also... eating oysters and drinking coffee right before cd'ing. We;re doing the zinc and coffee part. Oysters we get when we go out to dinner if their available.


Katt - March 20

Yes, oysters have alot of zinc in them! Too bad neither of us eat them. Never heard about the coffee thing, does it have something to do with the caffiene or?


Lilu - March 24

Katt... sorry for slow result but yes the caffene makes them swim faster.


Amym - March 24

I read this week that zinc and folic acid together are very good. I also ready that vitamin E and L-Arginine are also very good at increasing sperm count. I just stocked up on all of those today, as well as multivitamins. I have read caffeine can lower sperm counts. Also keeping a cell phone in the front pocket of pants can reduce sperm count. Has anyone else heard that?? Any other remedies that have worked, I would be open to hearing!!


Katt - March 25

i have never heard the cell phone thing, but hey I'll tell my hubby to carry it somewhere else as a precaution!! Hey anything the has the slightest chanceof increasing fertility I am for especially if its inexpensive.



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