zero sperm count?
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cw - April 26

does anyone know if a count can go back to "normal" after one s/a came back with a zero count? we already have a 7 year old and had dh tested before i became pregnant with my son and his count then was "normal"??? any info would be appreciated!!


Cloe - April 26

Yes, just wait a couple months then test again. My DH had a very low count at first and we think it had a lot to do with the fact that he was EXTREMELY uncomfortable with doing the test. The next time he tested the count was really high. Also, if he may have had a virus or the flu within the last month, too many hot baths, or something it can temporarily lower the sperm count drastically. But then it can go back to normal. It takes 3 months for a man to completely replace all his sperm, and by releasing the sperm frequently (3X /week) then gradually his fresh sperm will build up. I would ask him to be careful of "conditions" for the next month or two, then get retested. I hope this helps. Good luck!


tonia - April 26

Actually Christie, I think you may have gotten your sample to the hospital with very little time to spare! I would have your DH do another S/A and produce the sample at the hospital this time! Sperm Dies really fast like when it is an hour old, outside the body.........I would make my DH re-do! : )


cw - April 26

thank you so much. i am researching some and starting to feel alittle better!! i am hoping i just didnt get it there in time. do you know if dead sperm show up? they said he had a zero count?? i am so confused.


Cloe - April 27

Dead sperm do not show up in the count.


cw - April 27

so if i would have gotten them thereto close to the hour timeframe and they had already died they wouldnt show up at all? that really makes me feel much better. he has an appointment with the urologist next wednesday. the wait is just killing me until then!! Cloe ad tonia thank you for makin me feel better :)


Cloe - April 27

Yuppers! There is a lot that has to go right for a sperm test to be accurate of your husband's actual reproductive health. Let us know how you make out at your appointment.


cw - April 27

i will definetely let you know. i am really starting to feel better about it. i was really close to the 1 hour time limit. i was just thinking that it would show dead sperm instead of none at all? i didnt even really think to ask if they would shopw up, i am glad that you knew!!


cw - May 3

just a quick update... we went to the urologist this morning and the doctor really doesnt think that we have a problem. he thinks that the lab may have screwed up. he ordered blood work for my dh and 2 more s/a within 3 weeks of each other. i have my fingers crossed that he is right!!! thank you all for the support!



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