yet again.....another temp question, please help
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mgn - October 14

hi. thanks for reading. i am on my 4th month of temping and still confused. i guess it will become more clear with time, but I am still not sure when I should bed with hubby in reagrds to my temp change. is it right after temp drops then rises in middle of cycle? is it when my temp rises (like that day)/? thanks


MelissaV - October 14

Well, the thing about temping is that it won't really show you when you're going to ovulate. You really can't see an accurate shift in temps until after you have o'd. BBT is used to show that you have indeed o'd and it is also a great way to find out how long your luteal phase is. After 4 months you should be finding that your lp (day you ovulate until day1 of cycle) is the same. Back to answering your question, my doctor recommends bd-ing every other day during your fertile phase. I usually take this to mean day 8-20 for me. And to make your chart a little easier to read, I recommend using


JenG - October 16

Are you trying an ovulation kit for testing ovulation? I did both and it really helped



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