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Marlane - September 1

I am 12 dpo. I ovulated on the 20/08 and had sex from the 18 to 23rd. Its my 4th month ttc. I can usually pintpoint my time of period. I am 3 days from my period. Usually i get symptoms like bloating, sore boobs, spots ect. ten days or so before my period, so i usually know if its coming. But not this time. Only 2 days ago I started to get very slightly sensitive nipples when i squeeze them and boobs and feel dizzy now and then when i get up too quickly.But thats about it. I tested with afternoon urine with a hpt for 10 dpo but was neg. What is this then?


to Marlane - September 1

you may have tested too soon. Use first morning urine it is stronger. some women dont test positive ever with a urine test and some take as long as several weeks after their period is due before it shows positive. Retest the day you are due, if neg try 2-3 days after that and if still neg go for a blood test at the docs. best wishes


Lena - September 1

You may have tested too soon or have a cyst or persistent CL which are delaying af.



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