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April - May 26

when a pregnant women throws up what color is it? i have been throwing up yellow.. like butter!! can i be pregnant?


Lisa - May 26

When your pregnant you don't throw up a certain color it can be anything if you think your pregnant take a test!!!


Kelly - May 26

April, I threw up yellow when I was preggo because I threw up so often. When the stomach is empty and you throw up, the yellow is stomach acids,etc. I agree w/ Lisa...take a test because if the hormone is strong enough to make you sick, it should show up positive. Good Luck!!


Jess - May 26

With my first pregnancy I was very sick. I throw up every second. I throw up some yellowish clear liquid that tasted like acid. My doctor told me that it was just some stomache fluid and the reason I was throwing it up was becaues my stomache was empty. ( I had trouble keeping food down). Drink plenty of water, a try and get some food down, and consult your doctor. I was given medication to help me keep food down, you don't want it to go that far!


Melissa - May 27

The color of your vomit depends on what you have on your stomach. However, generally if there is nothing on your stomach except stomach acid the vomit is yellow-ish.


Joey - May 28

Usually when you throw up yellow that is the fluid at the bottom of your stomach. I think it is called byle. When I was pregnant with my first I had thown up quite a bit and after a while it was yellow


Amy - May 30

I had the same problem jess. My doctor put me on phenorgan. i could not even keep water down that is how bad it was. the phenorgan worked a great deal, but it knocked me out. i was a senior in high school and had to go home bound because of the phenorgan. i think i am spelling that right. lol. anyhow, april, get a test done. How often do you throw up? if it is constant, like i was, then that is probably the reason it is yellow. you have nothing but stomach acids to throw up. but be sure to get a test soon. have you missed a period or had any other symptoms?


april - May 30

well that was the first time i had thrown up in a verry long time! and i know my stomache was not empty because here lately i have been eating so much and know i havnt missed a period but i got my period si days early and at first it was like normal and now its really light and pinkish with a little brown like its old.. i dont know what to think because a took a pegnancy test yesterday and it was neg but i think it may be too soon because i wasnt suppose to start until the 31 and i took it the 36 and i got this test from the dollar store right next to my house.. (i got curious) but i bought 4 test so im gonna wait a few more days and take another one... and also every morning my stomache hurts and every single time i stand up i get really dizzie and it happens every time!



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