yellow cm
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ec - April 20

I been ttc for 3 months my last af was on 3/30 My cycle is 28-30 days. I think I ovulated on 12-14 not sure since I dont use opk. I been having alot of white-yellowish thick cm and lot of back pain and very bloated. And last night when I bd with my bf I had a sharp pain for a while in my pelvic area. Has anyone experienced these before. Should I be getting cm a week before my period or should I be dry. I forgot to mention every morning for the past 4-5 days i been really sneezy and running nose and feeling very hot like feverish. Please help?


ec - April 20



Meredith - April 20

I don't really know about "normal" CM because my own cycles are so out of whack & I've been told I probably don't ovulate, but based on what you've said I've always heard that CM is supposed to be somewhat dry after you've O'ed. You can probably test now, I'd suggest doing that first. If the sharp pelvic pains continue though, I'd suggest going to your OBGYN ASAP just to rule out etopic pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck!


ec - April 20

Meredith-Thank you for your answer.


Meredith - April 20

You're welcome! I wish I could be more help. Keep us posted.



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