Yeast Infections w/ meds
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Lulu - December 20

I was on Yasmin BC pills and got chronic yeast infections. Now I'm taking Femara and noticed they have come back. any ideas why or has this happened to anyone else?


bumpies - December 21



medi12 - December 21

have you had any form of cold or infection that required you to take antibiotics? that would definately cause yeast infections.

have you noticed anything unusual with your periods? like -- heavy cramping, or any pain during sex?


me too - December 21

I suffered chronic yeast infections when I was on birth control and never knew what it was caused by until I went off them and now I get them but not the frequency as when on b/c. It has to do with the estrogen levels (same thing why some women get yeast infections after they ovulate) its due to the changing of the estrogen levels. Check with your doc as i dont know anything about femara but it could be from it.


Lulu - December 21

sometimes pain with sex but no antibiotics. i want to call doc for diflucan but i wonder if it would mess up the metformin and femara treatment.


??? - December 22

that is so gross.


me too - December 23

sorry Lulu not sure about the diflucan and femara together. I've used the diflucan before thou and it works great.



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