Yeast Infection and TTC/CM/OPK
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DB - April 30

You know, I swear God doesn't want to me have children!!! I woke up yesterday morning (sat.) and felt a slight burning feeling, but very slight, then by last night it was uncomfortable...I have a yeast infection...So, I got a Monistat 1-day ovule kit and used it last night...So, I'm now on cd11 (sun.) and I am starting to feel much better, but I have to start my OPK's today and I have a tentative appt. at the RE on wednesday(for u/s and b/w). Does anyone know if the yeast infection/treatment affects CM or OPK results (as there is the cream from the treatment in my urine). I am just getting so frustrated with everything going wrong when ttc, I haven't had a yeast infection in like 7 years.. I really don't think I will O til wed. or thurs, but obviously I have no desire to bd today. Has this happened to anyone???


aish - April 30

did u take antibiotics?? ACtually i took antibiotics for UTi infection and now my vagina is so dry,itchy ...went to doc...she said its because of antibiotics & said no yeast infection...but i think my sympotoms r like yeast infection...i think eat lot of CURDS as i read in the web


aish - April 30

eat curds which contain ( acidophillus) is good ...even i dont feel like doing BD and my so dry


DB - April 30

No, I didn't take any antibiotics. I am soooo mad right now. So, like cottage cheese and yogurt right? Luckily I love both of those. I am so frustrated that the cream may not be gone and will affect the sperm when we finally do bd. I was researching and one website said to wait until you ovulate to treat it. I wish I would've read that earlier.


aish - May 1

yeh DB....u know my doc. told me to apply
Eucerin cream ...but she told me when u r BD dont apply it ....
Did u apply it inside? If not it is ok
I dont know about cottage cheese if it contains acidophillus then yeh take it


crystal74 - May 1

i don't nave a YI but i can tell you i know how you feel about god not wanting you to have a child. i feel the same way. last month i didn't even ovulate. and i cried my eyes out. i just can't believe that there are millions of sperm when a man ejaculates inside you and not one of those millions can't fertilize one little egg. so frustrating. i feel like a failure sometimes, like something is working against me. everybody tells me it'll happen, just be patient and relax. i am sick of hearing that. obviously it's not happening and that relaxing bs is out of the question. all i'm saying is i understand ya girl. hope this medicine doesn't affect your ovulation. and i hope WE get pregnant this month....:)



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