WTF is going on!! Please HELP!!!!
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mg - March 18

I really dont know WTF to think. I have posted several posts on here. We have been TTC for a year, we saw a RE and found out we have 6% morphology issues. So last cycle I started getting cramps 10dpo, I was suppposed to get AF on the 9th and nothing finally I got a very light af (but not like normal) on the 12th. I talked to my OB aboaut this and she said to go ahead and start my Clomid this month. So I did, so here it the problem, for the last week I have been getting what I think are very very light BFP. I have taken several first responses, and a second almost ghostly line appears instantly, so I just assumed it was a funky evap line since I cant tell the color. So I bought 3 accuclears and within 5-6 minutes a very faint pink line appears, so I am freaking out, and I bought a answer test, same thing a faint ghost like line, except this time I took the test apart and held the strip against something white and it looked pink. I dont know what to think, I took the test becouse I have been feeling sick lately(puked 3 times last night) and I not dry like normal after my period, and I still have cramps. I am the queen of evaporation lines, but evaporation lines on all these different tests within the time limits? I am just worried since they are not screaming pink on the tests. What shouldmI do?


tish - March 18

ask your doctor to do a blood test. it can't hurt to get one and know for sure. i got 8 faint lines in my test when i got pregnant the last time. there is also a site that i found very helpful call it is great for interpreting strange hpt's. good luck!!!


to mg - March 19

I agree with tish go for a beta hcg test and get a quantitative blood test done. It will tell you what your level if any and you'll know if you are preggers or not.


mg - March 19

I took a answer HPT this morning and it was negative, so who knows. I have a follical scan next monday, if I was pregnant I am sure it will show up on that ultrasound next week. Heck Its even better then a blood test. Does Clomid cause a ton of chucky EWCM? This is my first cycle.



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