would u take it???
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help - January 5

I cant get clomid yet from the doc's and my cycles are very long shall i buy it from the net its not that expensive and im desperate now???


could do.. - January 5

there are plenty of good online stores dat can provide clomid via da net


is one good site...i have done da same thing, im on my first round, u should take it on days 3-7 counting the first day of ur period as day one...make sure clomid is for u though...get in touch if u want to talk my email is [email protected]


KOKI - January 5

I did take Clomid some years ago, but under very stringent prescription laws here in the UK.
My advise is be very careful taking un-prescribed drugs,…. And try another avenue in professional help to get Clomid, if it is Clomid you and your body need and or without any damage from adverse reactions etc etc.
Hope I don’t sound to negative, but think about things and do things right. x


to could do - January 6

Thankx 4 all yr help I will get in touch with u tom!!! Hope it works 4 u! Lets hope it doesnt make us ill lol xx


to koki - January 6

yr right but im desperate i really need 2 buy it x


Nica - February 6

I would. I wasn't under a doc's care for my fourth cycle of Clomid (as I had moved away) - and that's the cycle that got me pregnant! Whey won't the doc prescribe it for you though? There may be a good medical reason....


tryin4baby - February 6

when my dr. put me on clomid i had to be monitored very closely. it can thin out the lining of the uterus and they need to be sure you don't have any cyst that the med. will make grow larger. i had to go every few days for blood work on it too. i wouldn't take it unless my dr. prescribed it. why wouldn't he give it to you yet?


CJ - February 6

NO! Cycle has to line up with taking the clomid so uterine lining is in the right stage. Too risky and might not even be your problem. Go to the dr, ask for provera to get your period, then start clomid. It must be taken on specific cycle days ex. 5-9 or 6-10. Not worth the risk without dr. supervision.



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