Would this be rude?
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Vanaseregwen - December 16

I would like to bring in a brownie platter to my fertility doctor's office. Although it's been many months since I've been there, I was very close with most of the staff-we were TTC for 18 months. I'm now just over 37 weeks pregnant and HUGE. I wouldn't want to make anyone in the waiting room feel bad by being all big and happy! But then, maybe it would give them hope? Or am I just over thinking things?


Ann - December 16

I think you are over thinking things and should take the brownies. I enjoy hearing success stories from everyone, even though things haven't worked for me yet. You are a walking adverstisement for the clinic!!


dea - December 16

I know for a fact that just seeing pregnant women, no matter where they are, is a reminder of not being PG. So go ahead and give your RE's office staff brownies. They would love the thoughtfulness...


melissa - December 16

I think it's a GO on the brownies! Who doesn't love 'em?


Mega - December 16

I agree! They'd love the brownies, it's a nice thank you to them for the hard work they did in helping you achieve your dream. As a PP said, you're a walking advertisement for their success rates. That gives us all hope.


yeah - December 20

go ahead and share your story with the women in there and us


me - December 20

I agree, take them the brownies and if anyone is in the waiting room ,say to them these guys are good, I am living proof to give the ladies who are not pregnant some hope. You can't live your life worried about what other women will be thinking. Yes it sucks, but you were in their place at one time and can give them words of encouragement if you need to. It is a great gesture to give them brownies. Go for it.



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