would love a friend-just started clomid
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Rachel G - February 28

i just joined and wasn't sure where to jump in on the other threads. i am on this journey toward baby like the rest of you and sometimes just feel like i need someone else who understands directly. had a miscarriage last year very early (only 5 weeks along). got preggo on honeymoon first try! since then, been up down and all around with one doc saying one ting and another saying something else. long story short, i probably dont ovulate regualrly, have cysts on both ovaries, though the docs do not think its PCOS, and have had low progesterone. everything else checks out great. started clomid this month (on day 12 today) and had HSG on day 7. isnt this crazy-no one prepares you for how hard this can be. sometimes i just want to be normal! anyhoo, just thought you guys would understand. anyone else in similar boat? would love to chat...


babyloves2play - February 28

Hi, I've been ttc since November. I started taking clomid for 2nd time @ 100mg days 5-9. Started using an opk to detect LH surge on cd11 and now I'm on cd18. No surge detected yet. I've come to realize that you have to be really patient but it is so hard. I have two younger children ages 5 1/2 yrs and 11 months both delivered by csection for different reasons. Hoping for two more to complete our family. I didn't realize it would get harder and harder to conceive. Would love suggestions on what to do next.


Rachel G - March 1

thanks for replying. its so weird, but its comforting to know other women are going through similar things but then i feel bad cause that means you all probably feel as bad or worse as i do! i am on cycle day 14 today and the opk says no so far. any clue when i'm supposed to ovulate? i took the clomid days 5-9. as far as your situation, i would ask your doc. i've heard women say that it didnt work for them the first time or that maybe the dose wasnt high enough. also, i'm a big believer that medicine can be a life saver, but its not EVERYTHING-meaning sometimes we try and try and it happens out of the blue or unexpectedly. matbe our opk's say no but maybe we ovulated anyway-who knows. stranger things have happened. i'm so happy for you that you have 2 blessings already and i will be even happier to hear from you when you have a 3rd on the way...


babyloves2play - March 1

It's hard to figure out when your suppose to ovulate on clomid. I read somewhere that you could ovulate anywhere from the middle of your cycle up to 8 to 12 days after you finish taking it which means you could ovulate on cycle days 17 to 21. For some, clomid can make your cycle longer. Even more amazing, I found a web page where women keep up with the charts including basal body temp, mucous, days they have sex, take meds, have periods....they chart everything and one woman never detected an LH surge (she was on clomid) and still got pregnant. I wish I understood how it all works but I guess it is just a miracle. Talk to you later! Wishing you lots of babydust!!!


JENZEY - March 1

I have a question...I just finished my 1st cycle of clomid 2/26, I go for my 1st ultrasound this Friday to check for the follicles. What exactly is this, they can tell by the ultrasound if the Clomid is working & if I'm going to ovulate?


babyloves2play - March 1

Yep. The ultrasound should show if your eggs are mature enough and ready to be released (ovulation). Sometimes the dr may give you an hcg shot to help increase chance of ovulation. Good luck!!!


Jenhen247 - March 1

I just started Clomid as well - CD 3-7, finished on Feb 16th. On day 20 today and think I may just now be ovulating. DH and I have been trying to conceive for a YEAR now. We have one daughter, age 3. I have had 3 ultrasounds and 4 blood workups in the last week and a half - looking at follicles. None of them looked promising. Might be increasing Clomid to 100 mg next month, waiting for my dr to call today. IT IS SO stressful TTC...


Jenhen247 - March 1

If anyone wants to correspond via email, I can't check these posts very often. [email protected]



Rachel G - March 1

thanks for the babydust...we all can use it, right! i'm day 14 and opk still neg, but we'll see what happens over the next few days. i leave for florida on sunday (day 18), so i hope i ovulate soon cause my hubby isnt coming with me. and i agree, sometimes we have to rely on docs and meds, but in the end its just about miracles, cause all babies are miracles.


Rachel G - March 1

great spiritual story to share...my friends mom and i spoke recently about the trouble i have been having with all this. i told her i have been feeling so mixed up cause i have faith in God so i feel guilty asking for a baby when i know i just need to have faith. she told me that we are supposed to pray and ask God for what we want, just like any parent, he wants us to be happy. she toldme a story about a man who died and was met by st. peter at the gates of heaven. st. peter was giving the man a "tour" of heaven, so to speak, and they came upon a big building. the man asked what was inside and peter told him not to worry about it, that it was no concern of his,. the man's curiousity was peaked and insisted to know what was inside, so peter gave in and brought him in to show him. inside, there was a huge room filled with white boxes with big bows. the man asked, "what are all these?" st.peter replied, "these are all the gifts God had for people that they never asked for." the moral of the story, she told me, is that its okay to be praying for the gifts and blessings our hearts desire. i just thought i'd share that cause i thought it was a neat and hopeful story. so ladies, our boxes are waiting...my prayer for all of you is that your present will soon be at your door....


babyloves2play - March 1

I did another opk today after 10 am and finally my line is almost as dark as the test line. I'm now on cd 19. So hopefully I'll be ovulating by the weekend! And I like the story about St Peter. I believe all blessings come in their own time.......patience is so hard. :)


Rachel G - March 2

i agree. that sounds so good about the opk. keep me posted and i'll say prayers. babydust to you too...


PrincessElbows - March 2

Hi girls,
I enjoyed reading your posts. I started Clomid this month, days 3-7, today is cd 14. I've been testing with an OPK since day 6 (I have short cycles some months) and finally got a positive OPK yesterday morning. So BD BD BD ... ;-)
We've been ttc for 2.5 years and had a m/c a year ago. I agree it isn't always easy to keep the faith when we want something so much, but I'll keep the story in mind. Good luck to us all, may we be granted our boxes!


JENZEY - March 3

I had my ultrasound this morning & I have 1 follicle on the left (18x21) Friday, Saturday & Sunday are my days. Do you think I should try all 3 days or is that to much? This is my 1st cycle with Clomid, so I'm new to all this. Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Babydust to everyone!!



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