Worried about False LH tests
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annahoban7 - September 29

My CM is just what is supposed to be for ovulation. I took 150 mg of Clomid (doctor prescript.) and I know from 2 previous pregnancies with clomid that it makes my cycles longer but it's day 19 and I still haven't detected an LH surge yet. I am getting nervous that my tests are faulty because the rest of the signs are there. My husband is sick and I don't want to bother him if we are not on the right couple of days, anyone have any advice?


MollieJo - October 1

I had trouble with the generic OPK's. They never gave me a positive. I am on clomid 50mg 3-7 and I have gotten my LH surge like clock work on cd16 using the Answer brand. When I tried generic it gave me neg on cd16 so I went out and bought Answer and it was positive. I've tried Clear Blue Easy before too but they are more expensive and harder to read.


annahoban7 - October 1

thank you. I did just that and got a positive result this time. Damn generic tests!



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