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Sara - April 22

Hi everyone,

I have just turned 29 and started trying from past 4 months, havent conceived yet, is it a cause for concern? IS my age too big for fertility. Please help? I am scared if I am late in trying.


Katy - April 22

Nope your age is fine. I'm 29 1/2 & started TTC 4 months ago. I have a hormonal imbalance, so I was on Provera & will be taking Clomid soon too. General rule- is after trying 6-12 months ( if both of you a have no fertility issues) you should get preg. If not see a Dr could be issues like I have. I found out early beacuse I was charting my cycles. Keep doing what you're doing it'll happen. BABY DUST TO YOU!


Heather - April 22

Sara - Do you have regular periods? Do you chart your temp to find out when you are ovulating? There are several tools you have to help. I'm 28 and didn't have regular periods so I was prescribed provera & clomid and conceived my first month on clomid. M/c'd unfortunately & am trying again. Good luck!



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