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Celena - October 9

I have been ttc since Febuary,no luck. I have one child and 2 m/c and since my last m/c I can't seem to conceive again. I just recently turned 30 and I have only taken bc for 4mnths my whole life so I know that isn't the problem.I have hit what should be my fertile days each month and that hasen't seemed to work either I'm beginning to think if your ttc it's a lot harder because this is the 1st time that i'm ttc and it seems to be hopeless with my son and 2 m/c I wasn't even trying and now I've been ttc for almost a year whats the deal could it be that I'm getting stressed out or is there a problem? When should I see a doctor because where I live they will not run test for a year and thats if your lucky.Should I try using opk's I think i'm hitting o days, but maybe i'm not .I'm just so depressed because everyone around me is pregnant with no trouble getting there and I can't seem to so now I'm so scared that there could be a problem. Anyone going through the same thing or got any advice to help me better my chances?


Toni - October 9

You might just be missing the fertile days. I would use opk's and monitor cm. I am assuming this is the dad of your other child? You could always tell the dr it's been a year.


Celena - October 9

Yes this is the father of my child and the 2 m/c's so i'm prety sure he dosen't have the problem. I thought of telling them that it has been a year alredy, but then I realized that they have my records from my last m/c in January so that won't work either.Have you tried the opk's ? When should you start testing w/ them I have no idea how to or when to use them? I have a 24-27 day cycle it varies each month, but I usually get ewcm a couple of days after af stops and then sometimes it will be a week before af is due any advice?


Toni - October 10

There are charts in the opk that will tell you when to start testing. I think it's day 9 for a 24 day cycle. I had a short cycle like that and then discovered I might have a short luteal phase due to low prog. So I am now on supps for that. You are supposed to have at least 10 dpo without any spotting to insure the preg. can go on without the lining starting to shed. Have you had your prog. tested? Also on the opk, don't use first morning urine. You will get a false surge line. Hope that helps!


Celena - October 10

Thanks Toni, I have never had my prog. checked. After my m/c's doc always said it was usually due 2 a chromosome defect and that was it, he never even considered doing any test 2 find out anything so how do I get these test run? If I do get lucky enough to conceive again and that is the problem am I just looking at another m/c? Will I be able to tell if I have a luthel phase defect by using the opk's? Can I get any type of pro. supplements or supposotories w/o a Doc's prescription I have heard of people using the pro. cream, but would that be the same and if so where can u get it?


*Susan* - October 10

I have been trying to get pregnant since June....We finally got a BFP a week and a half ago, but just learned that it was a tubal pregnancy....I have heard that if you just let things go and quit trying so hard it will happen. Of course we are women and we are going to think about it more than men, but just try to liven sex up and enjoy it...relax! You may be too stressed.


Celena - October 11

Susan I am very sorry to hear your pregnancy was a tubal I wish you all the best ! I don't get really stressed out or at least not really bad I know that when the time is right and God willing it will happen, but being woman it is hard sometimes especially when you get all the signs and af is late, but then she shows up any ways that is what is stressing thinking you have succeded and then there she is and there goes another month of no success



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