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Maren - March 17

I am trying to use the OPKs and this month try lots of water to make sure I had as much EWCM as I could have, also tryed the robitussin, without the DM. The morning of the 15th the line was becoming darker so that evening I took another on and BD that night. The next morning it seemed all mucus had completely dried out. We tryed again that night but am worried I missed my chance or didn't have enough muscus. It seems to have just disappeared. :(


Nikki - March 17

I think your cm will dry out after you have ovulated, so it probably happened already. Did you bd before that night? Like the 13th or 14th maybe? Sperm can survive for a few days, so you might have a chance.


Maren - March 17

I BD on the night of the 14. On the 13 the OPK kit hadn't even read + yet but I had the mucus that morning. Unfortunatly both my husband and I had to go to work. That night I took the kit again and it was more positive, however, I don't think mucus was as good. By morning it was so dry. I am just frustrated as it seems such a small window and I hope I didn't miss it. I was suprised this month how short it seemed and how abrupt. Oh well, Happy Saint Patricks Day. Good luck and happy BDing.


Maren - March 17

The other suprise is that I ovulated 4-5 days earlier this month. Does anyone else ovulate give or take 5 days difference each month. Arr


JAY - March 17

I'm currently pregnant just found out this week and I didn;t have any EWCM at all..Some women it stay on the inside of the cervix and never comes out , like me. I did have a wet feeling in my vulva but nothing more.I wouldnt worry too much about it.


Nikki - March 17

Does your dh have low sperm count or anything? If not, maybe you should just bd every day when there is a chance that you will ovulate?
That's what we do, since my cycles are really unpredictable. Besides, my doctor said not to worry about cm, since it depends on other things too, and it all just got me very confused.
Do you have any problems that you know of? If not, and if you ovulated on the 15th, you should have a chance of being pregnant already, so cheer up.


ConfusedMom2B - March 17

They tell you not to drink a lot of water before you take the test, because it could delute the results. I don't know if its true or not, but that is what I read.



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