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Still Trying (Not anymore) - June 14

Well we got a BFP this month. Yeah! We have been trying for 6 months (not too long I know). This was the only month that I hoped it wouldn't happen b/c we have so many birthdays in Feb already. Now it is an over whelming amount of excitement and fear. I am now responsible for another life. Now if we can only keep it a secret for one more month. Thanks for all the support! Baby Dust to All!


Cutie - June 14

Congrats your way dear


Chrissy - June 14

Congrats!!!!! Best wishes to you and your husband.


K - June 14

Would you mind sharing any symptoms you may have had before you tested? Also, were you on any kind of fertility treatments?


K - June 14

Congrats!!! What an awesome feeling I am sure :)


Still Trying (Not anymore) - June 14

I actually didn't have any. I did not think I was pregnant. My period was June 6 and I did not test positive until June 10. I had no impplantation bleeding, no breast tenderness, although I did notice I was hungry more oftern.


Gina - June 14

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I think it is great to have a place where everyone can come and announce they got a BFP as well. Good luck to you all, I look forward to this room filling up with good news!



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