Wondering if Preseed works
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trying - September 26

Does anyone have any success stories that they can link to Preseed. I am charting and ovulating, but am not very wet when I should be. Does it really help. We have been trying for almost two years and have conceived before. We've done some testing, so far all is clear. Is not having the right kind of fertile mucous linked to any hormone imbalance? Thanks for any help!!


Mega - September 26

I personally don't have a Preseed success story, but my friend is having her first child in Oct, and they conceived their first month using Preseed. And she said she knows several other "Preseed" babies. Good luck! Lot's of babydust!


Krystle - September 26

DH and I conceived using preseed. We were using a couple other things too but preseed was definitely used the cycle we conceived. Good Luck


trying - September 26

Thanks,Krystle and Mega, Krystle, how long had you been TTC? If you don't mind my asking, did you notice you were lacking in fertile mucous? Is that why you got the Preseed? Thanks again.


Krystle - September 26

DH and I were ttc for well over a year. I had little to no cm. I started on ovulex and it made me O on time and made my cycles regular. I would say it gave me a little more cm but not much. The cm that I did have was thick and not stretchy, ever. I started taking mucinex and that thinned out the cm that I did have but didn't give me more. (which I knew it wouldn't) So I gave the preseed a try along with everything else I was doing. i don't know which one got me pg, or if it was a combo of all of em...but here we are! good luck



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