Wondering if i could get pregnant
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Swtskitz - February 7

my Husband and i tired to have a baby last month but didnt suceed. My period ended this friday and well i was thinking that if we have sex this wedesday would it be too early to consieve?


Swtskitz - February 7

can someone please help!


Chas - February 7

That depends on a lot of things. How long are your cycles? and when do you ovulate? It's probably a little too soon if you have the traditional 28 day cycle.


Swtskitz - February 7

have no idea when it comes to that i get real confused


Ann - February 7

You said your period ended last Friday, but when did it start?


Swtskitz - February 7

It started on the 1st , see last month i got it the 31st of december.. and it finished the 3rd of Jan. than i thought id get it the 31st of Jan. but it came Feb 1st


Swtskitz - February 7

I acutally thought i was pregnant last month but with negative test and my period for sure i wasnt. so it worries me now because i hear so many stories on how there are a few times u can get pregnant out of the month



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