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marymo - August 21

Hi, can anyone tell me have they ever ovulated before the LH surge with the opk? thank you!!!!!!!


Tammy276 - August 21

the lh surge occurs before you ovulate, and is what allows you to ovulate, so I would say no.....it is possible that you could ovulate before you started testing w/ the opks and there for didn't catch your surge, but the surge is what tells you you are ovulating, so no surge, no ovulation.


dea - August 21

I agree with Tammy-


SANN - August 21

Hi Mary ... the girls are right. I just want to add ... I read, some women can ovulate twice on the same cycle. You might want to take your BBT too ... that will give an clue before you start testing for ov. By the way .... I got my bfp last Friday and I tested again on Sunday morning with a CB digital hpt ... it said pregnant : ) Lot of baby dust to you and good luck!


slowpoke01 - August 21

marymo i agree with the other girls you can have an lh surge and not ovulate but you cant ovulate without an lh surge. the surge always comes before ovulation. if your not getting a surge on opk's then you need to talk to your doc. you may not be ovulating. they can do bloodwork on cd-21 and check your progesterone levels and tell whether or not you ovulated. so if you havent gotten a surge you really need to have the bloodwork done.


dea - August 22

Another thought-- I "missed" my surge a couple of times because I only tested 1x a day. Then- I switched to 2x a day and never missed it. Then I really saw a progression in the lines--- And, I used the Dollar Tree cheapies and they worked just fine for me...so I didn't break the bank trying to "catch" the surge. GL



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