Wish us luck:)
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Amy - July 11

Hello. My husband and I have just started trying and well, I am getting very close to ovulation according to calculator. I hope I do not offend anyone by getting so personal, but my husband and I started the night before last having sex and we will continue every other day until the 20th. I hope that we will get pregnant. I hope that at the end of this month or beginning of next month I will be able to get on here and announce that I am pregnant. Wish us luck! Thanks and baby dust to all who are trying. :)


kc - July 11

Good Luck!!! and Lots of baby dust. The 22w is the worst. Take your vitamines, no smoking and eat healthy just incase you are. Sounds like you have a good chance.


Chrissy - July 11

Good Lukc & Baby Dust 2 You! I just stopped ovulating a few days ago. I get to test in a few weeks!!!! Just playing the waiting game!!!! I hope I get to announce that Im pregnant too!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY DUST TO ALL.......AND BEST WISHES!!!


Amy - July 12

Thanks you two and lots of baby dust to you also:) well, how about we all meet again in here towards the beginning of next month and share our answers. negative or positive. Best of luck and fingers AND toes crossed here. lol:)


TaiVion - July 13

Good Luck to all and Baby Dust. Me and my hubby are ttc and my ovulation day is towards the middle of the month so I will be testing right along with you guys. I hope that everyone is able to announce their good news. So I will meet back with you next month to tell the news be it pos. or neg. Again Best Wishes and Baby Dust.


Kelly - July 13

What day are you all expecting af? I am do on 7/24....so right now I am just playing the waiting game as well (and hoping that I ovulated). This month was my first round of clomid. Hubby and I did the "baby dance" every other day on days 10 - 20. Good luck to all!



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