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louise - June 21

i am so upset last night i dream im pregnant wake up feeling happy touching my tummy and i am not pregnant at all but been trying for 13 months any1 else in the same boat


hayley - June 21

i have been trying to concive for two and a half years now.but i have also had the same thing dreaming that i was preg and i was not,i think now looking bk your mind plays games with you and u belive that u are preg so much and then when u do a test it is so up neg it is so up seting,but dont give up hope it will happen gud luck


Chrissy - June 21

Atcually I just had a dream like that a few weeks ago. I was soo happy when I got up but then I realized that I wasnt:-( But keep your head up everything will turn out good in the end:-)


Lisa - June 21

I have been trying for 5 YEARS and have dreams like that all the time so I know how your feeling it really sucks!!!


Sharon - June 21

I have been married for 5 years and have been unable to conceive since I lost my virginity ten years ago! I have gone through everything trying to figure out why yet I have had these dreams and I thought is it was a cruel game as my husband and I do not have finances to get advanced infertility treatment! However, within the last month my boobs doubled in size and I have gained 12 pounds and I thought it was a thryoid issue however my doctor who knows of my fetility issued called and said to call immediately and i thought it was cancer or something but guess what IM PREGNANT! Dont give up hope all good things happen in time!


Lisa - June 21

Sharon do you get regular periods??? and thanks for the hope!!!



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