Wine & pregnancy
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Neha123 - January 12

I had a miscarriage in march 2005. i am ttc since july 2005 & still no success. nowadays my cycle has bcome 32 days & b4 2-3 months it was exact 26 days. i drink a glass of wine everyday so could that b bcoz of wine? plz answer guys!


to Neha - January 12

No, wine does not cause infertility. Of course, there is a lot of debate surrounding drinking after you are pg.


Mega - January 12

Pregnancy, & pregnancies that end in miscarriages can affect your cycle. That would be my best guess as to why your cycles are longer now. Have you talked to your OB about the change in your cycle? Maybe they can run some tests, check your hormone levels. Good luck & I'm sorry about the m/c. HTH!


.... - January 13

if you are trying to conceive, why are you drinking anyways?


neha123 - January 13

my ob ordered cd3 tests & they were normal. even if i take an appt she dosen't give any definite answer & there is always problem getting an appt with her. I have heard from many people that red wine is good esp when u are ttc..that's the reason i drink. anyways thanks everyone! any more answers welcome.


Liss - January 13

I was not going to respond earlier, but it really concerns me that you are drinking to ttc. I have never heard that. I have heard of exercising, eating healthier, taking vitamins, but never "have wine". Please refer to this March of Dimes webpage on drinking before & during pregnancy.



neha123 - January 13

liss,thank u so much for your concern. but i swear i have read an article by Dr Juhl that women ttc shud have a glass of wine. i know a few people who were having wine while ttc & got pregnant. well, it might not work for everyone but just hoped that it'll work for me too.


neha123 - January 16

anyone? please help me guys. no one is replying me.


neha123 - January 17

you all r sick. u guys are only concerned about you problems & the prob which r similar to u. i just need answers & support as i have been thru the miscarriage & 2ww for 8 months. am i asking for too much? even i am dying for a baby that's why trying whatever i hear from many. anyways all the best to all!


Liss - January 17

I don't think you'll get the support you need by calling us all "sick" & self-absorbed. You have been answered doesn't affect your cycle.


janie - January 17

neha, i also love my wine, and did get pregnant ttc, with a glass or 2 of wine to loosen things up, i don't find anything wrong with it. as soon as i got pegnant, of course, i stopped, but it shouldn't affect your cycles, or lower your chance at all, for getting pregnant, as i had researched it myself. it helps you relax, which is a good thing. i don't know why people are making it out like you are a drunk, and doing something wrong here, cause many people have a glass of wine for dinner each night, that does not make them alchies, so iam sorry noone is answering your questions. all i can offer is my experience, and that my cycles vary from 28-33 days, and that variation does not cause any problems in getting pregnant, and is normal for alot of women. one week in eigther direction, os not considered something abnormal, and the wine trust me is not the cause. it's just life, and sometimes through the course of our lives, our cycles do alittle changing. do what you are doing now, and iam sure soon you'll get that bfp. happy ttc-ing.


What? - January 17

I don't think ANYONE acused her of being a drunk. And, no one was telling her NOT to drink--just to be careful. Remember you are pregnant before you miss your period & find out you are pregnant. Maybe drinking the wine except for the 2ww might be the best advice.


neha123 - January 18

thank you janie & 'what' shud i have wine b4 ovulation & not during 2ww?



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