Will taking Clomid and Metformin give preg symtoms
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luv2B-aMOM - February 16

I've been having sore boobs nausea and slight cramping. I am about 4dpo and I know implantatiom happens after a week or so after O, I believe I O on Feb 13th. Can the combination of both pills cause this?


Mega - February 16

I don't want to give you false hope b/c frankly those signs could signal PG but also the sore boobs esp. could be contributed to Clomid too. As for implantation it CAN occur 4 to 5 DPO, though typically it happens more like 7 to 10 DPO. So lub2b-aMOM, I hope it's a good PG sign but at this early juncture it could go either way. But definitely don't give up hope, it's still pretty early on in the 2 WW. Good luck & let us know what result you end up with. HTH!


angie - February 16

never can really tell with these drugs. i think it was the clomid that gave me those symptoms, but it could have been the progesterone supplement. I had sore boobs, period cramps, ovary pain and fatigue, but it turns out im not pg, and all the symptoms went away....i hope you are ok though


cmelissa - February 16

Yes they will. I had sore boobs and cramping too! Its so misleading b/c I wanted to believe I was pregnant so badly but I wasn't. You never know though :)



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