Will progesterone suppositories stop AF coming?
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nic - April 27

Hi all,

I'm on progesterone suppositories from ovulation until AF. Currently I'm getting close to when AF should show up... but I'm wondering if the progesterone will stop her showing up?? I really want to know if I'm pregnant, and if I can't tell by the appearance of AF... well that's gonna be difficult!! please help...


isa - April 27

I too take them from the day after 2nd iui until my beta shows not pregnant (or until 7weeks if I get pg). Only once out of all the months I have been on them did I get a bit of pink from af on 14days past hcg trigger shot. Every other time I will stop my progesterone and about 36 hours later af will start lightly and by 48 hours regular af. When I was away once the prog supps kept af away until I was able to get home for a beta. As soon as it said neg I stopped them and again 1 1/2 days later af showed up.


CC - April 27

nic, good question. I am wondering the same right now too. Like isa, I take them the day after my 2nd IUI until my blood test two weeks later. I am going for my blood test Friday, but tonight I spotted a few little dots. My RE said I "might" not get AF due to the progesterone and she might have to give me something to start it. Someone else I talk to on another thread said she gets her AF while taking them. I guess its different for everyone. Im confused about my spotting, Im only on cd 24? Let me know what happens to you..Doesnt RE do a blood test to see if you have a BFP?


nic - April 27

Hey CC, my doc said to take a blood test this Friday if I haven't got AF, so I'm assuming that he thinks I'd start bleeding if not pregnant even if I am taking the progesterone. I took a test this morning and got a BFN so I assume that's what will happen with this blood test... but on the o ther hand, my teeth were hurting today and in my other (failed) pregnancies that was one of my first signs... so i'm cautiously optimistic but not trying to feel tooo optimistic, as I'd rather be happily surprised than bitterly disappointed.


CC - April 27

nic, I hear you about being happily surprised than bitterly disappointed. I feel the same way. Let me know how you b/t goes on Friday!


nic - April 27

I will! I probably won't get the results until Monday or Tuesday though - doesn't it suck about the weekend?? I have been trying for a baby for 3 years now and have had 4 miscarriages.... let's hope this one is there, and that it sticks!!!


CC - May 4

Nic, any updates ? By b/t was a BFN but wondered about you??



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