Will prenatal vitamins help when trying to concieve?
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Lokei - April 20

Does any body know if prenatal vitamins will help when trying to concieve? A friend of mine said it might help.


Aussie - April 20

I'm wondering the same thing - I am just starting my husband on Zinc, apparently that is supposed to help the male reproductive system. I know that folate is good for early pregnancy - but I'm not sure if that will actually 'help' conception. Good luck!


rebecca - April 20

They won't help you conceive but if you do take them they will create the best possible environment for your baby to grow healthily. x


Justine - April 20

No won't help you conceive - you should be taking folic acid though.


milissa - April 20

No' but like they all said, if you do it will help the baby..


Lokei - April 21

ok thank you all for replying


dina - April 23

no it will not help you conceive, i think prenatal vitamins will give your body and the baby proper nutrients it needs for healthy pregnancy, but it is good if you are trying to get pregnant.



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